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Kammerjazz Kollektiv

3 strings and a piano between Classical Music, Jazz and Latin America

This is a quartet of a different kind: while its 3 string instruments and the piano reproduce a standard format of classical chamber music, the group's repertoire is a sophisticated and witty reinterpretation of elements coming from European classical music as well as from jazz and Cuban music. We are convinced that the best way to pay tribute to tradition is by infusing it with new life and letting it shine in a new light. In this sense our new album "Wintermärchen" is inspired by the poetical spirit of 19th century Romantic music: like the pieces of such composers as Schumann or Brahms, the music of the album tells stories and fairy tales, it depicts landscapes of sound and emotion. All of a sudden a playful little goblin starts dancing to lively Latin-American rhythms. Then a dignified wigged gentleman with a big belly appears: It's Georg Frideric Händel serenading for the king! And J.S. Bach is presenting us with one of his ingenious fugues, but mind you: "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"! This album is a musical voyage through time and space, a trip both profoundly meaningful and entertaining, paying sincere tribute to tradition while at the same time playing around with it in a refreshingly disrespectful manner.

Héloise Lefebvre / Davis West: violin

Sebastian Peszko: viola

Susanne Paul / Alejandro Barria: cello

Daniel Stawinski: piano/composition


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