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Masnavi Duo

a musical dialogue between the Kamanche and the Piano

The Masnavi Duo مثنوى is a dialogue between two instruments – the kamancheh and the piano – and between two musical traditions – classical Persian music and jazz. In this dialogue, each instrument preserves its authenticity and specific character: the kamancheh (the traditional Iranian violin) draws on the classical Persian “Radif” repertoire and maintains the subtle and varied use of microtones, while the performance of the piano is inspired by the rich harmonic language and creativity of jazz. Combining the seemingly incompatible, the Masnavi Duo creates something excitingly new: ancient Persian melodies are illuminated and transformed by Western harmonies and the lively sound of the piano is infused and deepened with the spiritual energy of the kamancheh. This is something literally unheard of. The dialogue of (music) cultures not only brings forth a new and emotional listening experience, but opens the apertures for poetic, spiritual and philosophical encounters between the East and the West.

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