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Cuban Heartbeat Orchestra

Latin Jazz at its finest

The Cuban Heartbeat Orchestra is all about the essence of Latin Jazz: driving Afro-Cuban polyrhythms blend with colourful jazzy harmonies and inspired improvisations into an exciting musical experience. This is highly energetic music that pleases both dancers and jazz enthusiasts. While preserving the particular "sabor" of traditional Cuban music, the arrangements are thoroughly modern and combine the immensely rich stylistic repertoire of Cuban music with the daring harmonic creativity of modern jazz. Playing regularly for many years at Berlin's famous "Zigzag" jazz club, the quintet has practically become the club's main Latin Jazz act. As the group's pianist and musical director Daniel is in charge of choosing the repertoire, writing the musical arrangements, directing rehearsals and of course playing the piano! 

Olvido Ruiz / Mayelis Guyat: vocal

Regis Molina: sax

Trigo Santana / Checho Gómez: bass

Robby Geerken: congas

Javier Reyes: drums

Daniel Stawinski: arrangements / piano

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