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Daniel Stawinski

Pianist & Composer

from jazz to the world

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a performer, Daniel Stawinski's virtuosic piano playing has been heard in a large variety of musical contexts and projects. Having received extensive training as a jazz pianist at Berlin's conservatory for music "Hanns Eisler", his insatiable curiosity and astounding musical flexibility has lead him to engage in a creative dialogue with very diverse musicals traditions: Afro-Cuban music (with Yilian Canizares, the Cuban Heartbeat Orchestra ...), Persian Classical music (Masnavi Duo), European Classical and Baroque music (Kammerjazz Kollektiv, Simone Kermes), Balkan folk music (Balkan Spirit Ensemble) among others. 

The Kammerjazz Kollektiv:
3 strings and a piano between Classical Music,
Jazz and Latin America


L‘Envol (solo piano by Daniel Stawinski)
Masnavi Duo: Pire Farzaneh
Kammerjazz Kollektiv: Album Teaser Wintermärchen
Kammerjazz Kollektiv: Fugue in E Minor (J.S.Bach)
L'Envol - Duo Karparov & Stawinski
Masnavi Duo: Afshari
Kammerjazz Kollektiv: El Cumbanchero
Zappelige Füße - Duo Karparov & Stawinski

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