Other Projects

Yilian Cañizares & Ochumare
Chamber music, jazz concert, santeria ceremony: A performance of this group is all of this. The Ochumare Quartet led by violonist and singer Yilian Cañizares creates its unique latin jazz blend by drawing on influences from classical European music, American jazz and the spirituality of Cuban Santeria with its Yoruba chants and batás rythms. These multi-directional inspirations are well reflected in the variety of the repertoire as well as in the colorful band name: Ochumare actually means rainbow in Yoruba language.

Balkan Spirit Ensemble
The Balkan Spirit Ensemble is a collaboration of musicians that have dedicated their artistic energy in bridging jazz improvisation with traditional folk music. Together they present a journey through the Balkans. The Band fuses together the melodic and rhythmic lightness of Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian folk traditions with the more explorative and spontaneous language of Jazz. Be prepared to weep, scream, laugh and dance through an unforgetful journey of the Balkan Spirit.www.vladimirkarparov.com

Duo Karparov/Stawinski
Both virtuoso instrumentalists are also prominent composers and arrangers. Their music is characterized by the fusion of modern jazz music with the vitality, rhythm and ornamentation of Bulgarian folk music. Piano and saxophone – Daniel and Vladimir are masters of their music instruments. By the variety and power of their playing they give the audience the feeling of being in front of a complete symphony orchestra. Harmonious and percussive sounds mix with soulful melodies, breathtaking pianissimo and then suddenly a goose bumps fortissimo. www.vladimirkarparov.com