Other Projects

Sophia Nelson Afro-Cuban Jazz Project
The concept of this group is the rearrangement of American jazz standards in combination with contemporary and folkoric cuban music. As the arranger and pianist of this project Daniel Stawinski works in close cooperation with jazz singer Sophia Nelson. Drums, congas, bass and piano combined with three horns (trumpet, saxophone, trombone) offer multiple possibilities in creating a unique blend of Timba, Rumba and Jazz. www.sophia-nelson.com

Yilian Cañizares & Ochumare
Chamber music, jazz concert, santeria ceremony: A performance of this group is all of this. The Ochumare Quartet led by violonist and singer Yilian Cañizares creates its unique latin jazz blend by drawing on influences from classical European music, American jazz and the spirituality of Cuban Santeria with its Yoruba chants and batás rythms. These multi-directional inspirations are well reflected in the variety of the repertoire as well as in the colorful band name: Ochumare actually means rainbow in Yoruba language.

Alexander Batte y Kabiocile
Authentic cuban timba from Paris with topnotch musicians. New Album: El Niche La Lleva