Kammerjazz Kollektiv

Jazz compositions in combination with refined classical sound textures, Bach-like polyphony and afro-cuban syncopations, open improvisation and complex arrangements: Shades and nuances from a vast variety of influences between the 2 Americas and Europe can be experienced in the music of this project. The group’s repertoire draws on the endless sonic possibilites of the string instruments to produce highly diverse and differentiated soundscapes: violin, viola, cello and piano alternate between lyrical melodies and percussive grooves, they shine as soloists and unite their voices as in a true orchestra. www.kammerjazzkollektiv.com

The Kammerjazz Kollektiv are:
Daniel Stawinski (piano, composition)
Héloise Lefebvre (violin)
Sebastian Peszko (viola)
Susanne Paul (cello)